Fine Herbal Mineral Waters are endowed
for the rarefied palate. Gently mood enhancing,
non-alcoholic and non-habit forming, they are a
welcome addition to drink menus & a discriminating
alternative for those who prefer a more substantial
non-alcoholic beverage.

In the highest culinary traditions our
standards of purity and integrity have resulted
in timeless and enduring drink classics that
are compatible with haute cuisine, suitable  
for every day and a staple in serious
pantries and well-stocked bars.

We invite you to imbibe in the finest
herbal mineral waters in the world.
The taste experience is

Medium bodied with
an easy, balanced vitality
and a rosy taste

Therapeutic: Restorative
Svg Size: 2 - 4 Fl Oz
(960 mL)

$24.99 USD

Full bodied with a silky
texture, an elusive musky taste
and a tranquil repose

Therapeutic: Relaxing
Svg Size: 2 - 4 Fl Oz
(960 mL)

$24.99 USD

Light bodied with a
sweet taste, inspired aroma
and fresh, rare appeal

Therapeutic: Uplifting
Svg Size: 2 - 4 Fl Oz
(960 mL)

$24.99 USD
Rhodiola Rosea
Serving Suggestions:
Enjoy cold as a cordial
In a long stem water glass
Over ice in a rocks glass
Blue Vervain
Zero calories, Sugar free
Non-alcoholic, Non-habit forming
Therapeutic mood enhancer
Epicurean enjoyment
Fine Herbal Mineral Waters
About The Waters
Classic Luxury for a Healthy Lifestyle
The Culinary Art of Fine Herbal Mineral Waters
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Established 2005
"Worthy of
Le Water Bar Colette"
Made with essential herbs that are rich in
history, oxygenation levels that are characteristic
of the famed Healing Waters of Lourdes, France
and iodized low-sodium trace minerals.
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A Privilege to Drink
Masterpieces, all three

Blue Vervain, Rhodiola Rosea & Angelica
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3 Pack (3 - 960 mL)
$59.98 USD

Bottled in Traditional Amber
Glass to Preserve Potencies
"I'll have a Blue Vervain, please!"
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