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Religious lore holds that Angelica was revealed to the Benedictine monks by an Angel. Believed to be a powerful
Guardian and Healer, offing evil spirits and witchcraft, Angelica is known as The Root of the Holy Ghost.
Mythology attributes the legendary strength and endurance of the Vikings to Rhodiola Rosea. According to
folklore Siberians once wore garlands of the herb for Blessings of Fertility.
Associated with religious purification Blue Vervain was recorded in Egyptian myth and Christian story, used in
sacred Druid rituals and on Classical Roman altars. Folklore calls Vervain the Herb of Grace.

2017 Trade Shows
Mid Atlantic Food, Beverage & Lodging Expo Sept 26 - 27
NYC Fancy Food Show New Brands Pavilion June 25 - 27

Bar Menu: $12 per 2 Fl Oz
F O R   W H O L E S A L E   U S E   O N L Y
119 Mill Creek Road B1S
Ardmore, PA 19003 USA

Owned and Operated
by Denise Shamro LLC
A Woman Owned Business
The Story

An architect by profession and an explorer of esoteric
learning and ancient and traditional uses of food as
medicine as well as for health and enjoyment, I was
positioned to seek solutions in grounded and innovative
ways. It was the end of a long week and I was getting
together with friends for a drink and a bite to eat. I
wanted to relax
and improve my mood but did not want
alcohol. There were no other options. There was no niche
drink for what I wanted. Coffee, tea, soda, juice and water
were not going to achieve the desired effect and they did
not have the taste that I sought.

The problem, the need, lodged itself in the back of my
mind and  five years later it resurfaced. I had my eureka
moment. I had an idea of how to create a drink for when
you do
not want “a drink.” I felt that I could not be the
only person who encountered this
dilemma and decided
to create a new beverage option for drink menus. The
drinks had to hold their own among alcoholic drinks but
have their own unique identities. And they had to satisfy
the palate of those who drink alcohol. I got together with
a gifted epicurean to calibrate formulae, taste and effect,
and the rest is poetry. We hope you enjoy the results.